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    what is a better truck?

    What is a better truck. I have a erbe and a stampede 4x4 vxl. I want to get a summit roller and go brushless. But my problem is i dont have enough $$$. So i was thinking sell the stampede and buy the summit??
    I need some input from people that have owned all 3. Thanks in advance

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    summit is more of a crawler/trail type of thing and ERBE is more of a basher/race breed out of the box and for stampede well, you know what you do with it. if you put a BL system on the Summit, that just defeat the purpose of your ERBE. you can get a summit but, its best to leave it like how it is a crawler.

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    A Summit with a brushless set up is pretty much an E Revo with the addition of the low speed gear box and locking diffs. If you sold the P4de and bought the Summit it seems to me like you would have two nearly identical trucks. My way of thinking I would sell the E Revo and buy the Summit and have two totally different trucks. Not to mention you probably wont get enough selling the P4de to buy the Summit. You would come a lot closer selling the E Revo.
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    I agree^^ a brushless summit is just an e-revo with even weaker diffs and a 2 speed tranny. There is NO point in that at all. The pede 4X4 and ERBE are different enough that there is a point in having both. But having an ERBE and a brushless summit is pointless.

    If you want to sell one to get another your really going to end up with something very similar to what you already have. For little money you could try to convert the pede 4X4 into a slash 4X4 and have something different... put a raptor body on it and a set of MT wheels (could even use your pede wheels)... you'll be surprised at how different those 2 vehicles actually are and how easy it is to swap from one to the other.

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    ^^^ What everyone else said. If you are after a crawler/trail truck, you can simply convert your ERBE into one. It isn't that hard nor expensive. You can keep the E-revo-ness and just raise up the GC with something like this,

    If you don't like your Pede 4x4 that much, maybe sell it for something else you've had your eye on.

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    ^^^^ what everyone else said. Get long travel rocker arms and summit tires (and a few other conversion parts).
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