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    Hitec Servo Problem

    I have a Hitec Ultra Torque servo from like 3 years ago and I just Installed it into my 3905 and the servo horn dosent grip on to the gear. I thought the horn was stripped so I bought a new one and it turns out the horn is slightly to big for it. I've tried hot gluing it on but it didn't work. What should I do?

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    Are you using a servo horn designed for a Hitec servo? If not, that could be your problem. The Traxxas servo horn (same as Futaba) will not work with a Hitec servo; they have a different number of splines on the servo output shaft.
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    Hope this helps:

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    * Savox: 25T
    * Tamiya: 25T
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    * Traxxas: 25T

    !!! : Some (very) new Hitec servos have a 25T spline.
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