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    thinking about buying a spartan

    hey guys just trying to get a bit of info about the spartan. i currently have a stampede 4x4 and am thinking about getting a boat. i was looking at the 5707l with lipo's, just wondering if there are any problems with these boats and any other helpful information that i should know !

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    There have been issues with the electronics, especially running on 6S, Traxxas has been standing behind the warranty, and trying to work out the problems.

    Running on 4S (or 5S) reduces the load on components and reduces the risk of problems.

    Upgrade to an aluminum water jacket for improved cooling and to eliminate leaks.

    Boats draw a lot more amps than cars, so your batteries need to be up to the task. You need high discharge ratings. To be on the safe side I would recommend a min 200amp discharge rate (5000mah 40C or better)

    Some of us have added an extra water pick up so the motor and ESC can be cooled independently. Not so important on 4S setup, but really worth considering on 6S.


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