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    How Far Should a Stampede Roll...

    Perhaps a bit of a silly question, but I'm trying to narrow down a problem I'm having. I just installed a 9t pinion and replace the motor mount bearing, and I've also removed the drive shaft to eliminate the front end.

    The rear end, when off the truck rolls quite freely. But when mounted, everything is very noisey when just pushing the truck on the carpet and it will only coast a few inches. The pinion/spur gear also seems to be making a lot of noise, more than I remember anayways. But with the pinion off the spur the truck side of the drive train is quite silent, and the motor on its own is silent as well (its a new velineon motor).

    Should I not worry that it doesn't roll far? Independent of each other, the motor side and the drive train side seem to have very little resistance. Just had a thought.. I can't actually get the 9t to mesh 100% down on the pinion, so maybe I'm not getting it far enough down..

    But any other thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.

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    I think your problem is that your gear mesh is too tight you do not want it 100% meshed. take a piece of paper and put it between the spur and the pinion and then tighten the gears together but not very tight.

    like this

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