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    Angry beware of fire on 3s

    my new truck just about burned my house down but i got an infraction for mentioning it. this post will probably be gone soon too.

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    Why would you get an infraction for a lipo warning? Unless, that is, you used laungage that was not allowed.

    So, the OTHER question to be asked is how did your truck almost burn down your house? Lipos are fairly safe, as long as you follow standard precautions like only charging with a Lipo charger, don't charge higher that what is recommended by the maker, put the battery in a lipo bag and never leave it unattended while charging.
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    He got an infraction for bypassing the language filter and really should have got one for Traxxas bashing. He should also get one for this thread and complaining about the rules.

    srootster I strongly suggest you read and follow the rules and call Traxxas as we discussed in PM to see about getting your problem handled. Continuing to post this kind of thread wont help your situation at all.
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