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    LiPo with ESC XL2.5??

    Hi folks greetings from Finland!

    I have an 1/16 eRevo brushed edition and it has an XL 2.5 ESC. The users manual says it is not compatible with LiPos coz it doesn't have the low voltage detection. HOWEVER on the sticker attached to the ESC it clearly says that it would have.

    (Address to the pic if that link doesn't work:

    Now I would be ever thankful for someone who tells if this ESC is safe to use with Lipos or not

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    HMMM good question. I know the newer XL5 is ok to use a 2s lipo even if it doesnt have LVC it can be used with a external LVC, but not sure about the XL2.5. Maybe Jimmie N. will chime in. Hes the man has the knowledge. Does the XL2.5 manuel say it will handle lipo? If i was you i would make sure 100% before i plugged a lipo in or other wise you may have a Traxxas plastic puddle from melt down.
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