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    3.3 breakin question

    Just got a new 3.3 for my tmaxx.. the break in procedure says body off for first tank then body on for the rest.. do I need to have the body on for remaining tanks or no.. I currently don't have a body yet so im wondering if I should wait before I break in the motor until I get a body

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    It doesn't matter if you have the body on for the last couple of tanks. You can do the entire break in with out the body on. I did the break in on my Slayer with out the body on, so I know it works. Hope this helps!
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    You want to be careful about letting your engine run too cool during break-in. It was 84 deg. when I broke-in my last one and I did it with the body off and it ran between 210 and 220, which are good break-in temps. But the cooler it is outside the more you want to try and keep the heat in to get proper expansion.

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