Hi everyone, this is my 2nd post on this site, my first post was in the Nimh section about how my 8 cell is trashed. So, I've decided to make the jump to lipo.

I have a Rustler VXL and I'm planning on buying a Traxxas 11.1v 3300mah lipo...now I just need to decide on a charger.

I've read many posts on here stating that you get what you pay for with a charger, and you shouldn't skimp..and you should spend at least $100 on a good lipo charger or you're asking for problems.

BUT..I'm strongly thinking about buying a Traxxas 2-3 Cell LiPo Battery Balance Charger. My understanding is that this is the one that comes with a new Rusty, since the Rusty's come with lipo power now. I'm thinking that if this is the one that a new Rusty comes with, it must be fine to use with a Traxxas lipo battery. Am I wrong? Because this charger only costs about $20, so according to some on this forum, it must be junk.

Second question: the description for this charger says "The charger’s fixed 800mAh output makes it an ideal, inexpensive solution for charging Traxxas’ 1400mAh and 2200mAh LiPo batteries." Ok....so my understanding is that it would still be fine with the 3300 mah battery, but it would just take longer to charge. The description also says "Plug several into a power strip and these chargers are very convenient for charging higher-capacity LiPo packs when fast charging is not required". Why is the power strip needed? Are they talking about a regular power strip that you would have your computer/tv/whatever plugged into, or something different? "Plug several" into a power strip...several what?

Last question, regarding storage. I can't figure out if this charger is going to do anything for me as far as storage. It didn't say in the description and I can't find the info anywhere else. For storage, can I just keep the battery plugged into this charger and it will keep the battery as it should be?

Thanks for any input, and I appreciate your advice.