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Thread: 3 weeks/1 Fire

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    3 weeks/1 Fire

    First time posting... and I've done all the searching I can so I figured I would ask for some help.

    I've had my Spartan for about 3 weeks. I've been running almost 4 times a week in our neighborhood pond and have been having a blast! 2 of my neighbors have bought Spartans from the same local shop and we've generally been having a great time.

    Yesterday I finally purchased my 6s 5000mah 40c LIPOs and I made sure they were charged with my Traxxas EZ-Peak Plus 6-Amp Lipo/NiMH Battery Charger according to the instructions in the owners manual for the charger and the Spartan owners manual...

    Tonight, my neighbor and I are as giddy as a school girl who got asked out on her first date... I put the first LIPO in... then the second and then... BOOOOOOOM!!!! The thing lights up like a Roman Candle. The ESC is fried, the batteries housing is melted, the inside of my Spartan looks like the house of horrors... and I'm mad.

    What did I do wrong? I've read online (not on the Traxxas forum) that some have had this problem, but it seems to have been with the old ESC before the change to Castle.

    Any help is appreciated. Will Traxxas send me a new one?


    Edited for language abuse. If you see starred out words in your post, you must edit them out. On that note, I'd try giving Traxxas a call or shoot them an e-mail and see if there's anything that can be done.
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    I had my first Spartan blow up too. It was one of the first boats that came out...a V1 model. I called Traxxas Customer Sevice, and they made it right. In my opinion it sounds as though you did nothing wrong. It was just one of those things. I've had my V2 Spartan now for two seasons, and have had no problems with it. I really like this new Castle system in it a lt better than what was in my V1 boat. My new V2 boat has been a good boat, and I've had a ball with it.

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