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Thread: Body options

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    Body options

    What bodies are there for an older Emaxx 3906?

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    I have a 3906 E-Maxx as well & recently purchased the stock HPI Savage (monster truck) body for it. Even though some Savage bodies come prepainted from the factory, you can order a clear one so that you can paint it yourself. It was cheap too, only like $25 from my LHS. Just make sure the body is for the larger of the 2 Savages that HPI makes. I believe the Savage XS/SS is the smaller 1/16th scale version, so don't get that one! Any body that fits the 1/10th scale BIG Savage will fit an E-Maxx too. FYI - The Savage body is a tad longer & a tad wider than the stock (3906) E-Maxx body, but still fits great & doesn't rub anywhere.

    ProLine makes bodies that fit the 3906 E-Maxx body as well.

    Actually I think any body that fits even the newer style E-Maxxes, will fit on the original 3906 version.

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    Old E and T- Maxx bodies... TRX 3911 and 3915X

    or any body roughly:
    Length: 18" (457mm)
    Width: 6.25" (158mm) (at center)
    Height: 5.0" (127mm) (un-cut)
    Wheelbase: 12" (304mm)
    This parrot is NO MORE!!! This is an ex-parrot!!!

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