Hey guys,

I have been running between the stock plastic prop and an octura x442. with the stock prop I have managed a best of 49.7 mph with the batteries centered. In this configuration the boat is very stable, even at WOT with little to no chine or torque roll.

The last few runs I have switched back to an x442 and its a whole different boat, managing a best of 48.5 mph and lots of instability, chine and torque roll at WOT. The batteries were centered and I made no change to the trim tabs. I am really surprised at how unstable the boat is with the x442. Its a handful to drive and loves hopping out of the water with this prop as well. I didn't think the prop change would make such a huge difference on stability but it seems that way. I am wondering if I should dial some down trim on the starboard side to help counter the roll? Anything else to get it dialed in with the x442?

Both props were running a neutral strut angle.

...At this point besides the looks, the plastic prop has run much more stable, and apparently a little faster, odd?