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    Never run less than 100%

    I don't mean throttle position I mean condition of your boat. This post is really common sense but I have to admit I am guilty. On two occasions I have run my spartan when I had not made my boat 100% and let me tell you it gets expensive. I had cracked the bow where the deck and hull join and was planning on gluing it but 2 new 3s packs were delivered and I skipped the repair for a little test run. I had no handling problems with the boat - until that day. Spectacular cartwheels resulted in finishing the separation of deck and hull for me. If I had done the repair first and played later I would have saved myself a lot of time and money. The waterproof receiver box worked well and after drying everything out all electronics were good to go. However this year after winter storage I did not regrease the box and flipped the boat again on my first run. I believe I hid something submerged. When recovered the box was full of water. I hope that after drying out for a few days it will be good but that is usually not my luck.

    I have to admit that the spartan has been a blast and I am very happy with the product. If you read enough forums you will see horror stories about the spartan but I have to say the current version of the Spartan is top notch and will make everyone else at the lake jealous. It looks good and performs great. Also thanks to all the people who have posted good info on this site. Without your help my experience would not have been as good.

    I hope this helps someone make a better decision to run or not run than I hAve made and maybe it should be 110% as water seems to make any small problem much more serious!

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    Good advice, time devoted to maintenance, and an extra few minutes before a run to double check setup and function, can save a lot of time and $$.


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    sorry to hear about your mishap.and yes tha'ts some sound advice! i should of listened but it was not really boat problem it was owner problem.i had batteries charged yesterday and then the rain came down and came down til stopped finally and i figured i had to discharge my lipos so off i went to the lake.i should of just packed right back up when i got there there was tons of trash floating around but nope had to put the batteries in and off we went.the 1st set of 4s went by with no problem.the next set was 6s since the lake was flat calm and i thought i had a good area now to let her fly and then about the 3rd full trigger pass i hit something have no idea what but it bent the crap out of my brand new octura x442 prop (got her bent back close to the original shape)after that i put on the stock prop and drove around pretty much slow to run off some battery then i put in my last set of 4s and was having some fun when all of a sudden bam hit something and the boat just wanted to turn to the right,after finally getting it in i found some grass and a stick stuck in behind the not only make sure your boat is in tip top shape but make sure as best as we can our play area is free of trash.although i think 1 hit was a turtle could of never have seen that regardless.but still great advice thank you

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