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    Pro-line or integy hex wrenches?

    Looking at buying a set of pro-line or integy hex wrenches. Which ones will last longer and not round out after a couple uses?

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    I have had Snap-On and Mac ball end Allen wrenches for 15 years in the mechanic industry and they are still great. They are made by Eklind Tool Company. I have also used Bondhus for 10 years and they are great as well. I was looking at purchasing a set on the Bondhus ball drivers tonight.
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    + 1 for Bondhus. Lifetime warranty too...
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    I used the integy ones for my nitro truck and they worked fine. only problem is the handle is a little small so u dont enough torque out of them at times. so I would recommend something with a thicker handle.

    I have snapon hex keys for work and hardly use them lol I find them useless haha. they either round off of just flex
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    I bought the Bondhus Ball End handle wrenches and returned them. The small sizes have a very small handle and I couldn't get a grip to tighten or loosen a screw. After a couple tries it stripped the screw. Not a good wrench set IMO.

    Bought two sets from China, Metric and SAE. Eight wrenches for about $23.00 shipped and they're holding up great.

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    Ball ends will always round out a tight hex. I have been both motor engineer and general engineer for over 20 years and I havent got a songle ball end in my toll collection for this exact reason. What I do have though is

    and they havent rounded anything. Because I run mostly as the beach I use stainless hardware which of course is very soft and these still havent rounded anything.
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    If you decide to get the integy get the Ti drivers, their non Ti drivers are junk.

    I have a set of the Eklind T handle wrenches & they can't be beat for the price.
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