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    after storage woes

    my revo with the 2.5R engine has been in storage for almost 2 years. well, i pulled it out to get it ready to run, and alas, the motor is siezed. i remember setting the piston at BDC after i prepped it for storage. i know my curious son (13) messed with it not long after i stored it. anyhoos, i charged up my ez start battery, and nothing when i plugged it into the truck. i took out the glow plug and found the piston is at or near TDC. so far i've filled up the cylinder with WD40 but i haven't been able to turn over the motor by hand yet. any suggestions on how to free the stuck piston?

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    I soak mine in some old nitro fuel. After it frees, I disassemble the whole engine, clean , lube and reinstall.
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    Yup either old nitro or denatured alcohol, let it soak.

    You may want to tare it down & clean it out & reseal it.
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    hair dryer and heat up the engine..took about 10 min to free up mine that had been sitting for 10 years

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crock View Post
    hair dryer and heat up the engine..took about 10 min to free up mine that had been sitting for 10 years
    Yes and you risked damaging the internals that way by not cleaning the engine. Not advised for a seized engine. You got lucky. USually it's ain a tank or two ofter that you find damage from rust particles which is probably what caused the engine to seize in the first place...

    The O.P... You said you dropped the piston to BDC, but did you run the engine empty, place after run oil down the carb and into the glow plug hole and turn over the engine a little when you stored it? I've a motor on the shelf been sitting for 4 years, I bet it still turns over since I did a proper after run...
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