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    whats better 3.3 or .26 picco

    I wood like to know the engine is better 3.3 or .26picco

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    Well, that's all up to personal opinions really. Most people who go to an engine that is a much larger displacement engine is because they are wanting more torque.

    There is a rule on our site about This Vs. That type threads as well, it often ends up in flame wars as personal preferences and the love of the hobby come into affect. Here is the rule I'm referring to:

    7. No “this vs. that” posts (ie Ford vs Chevy): These types of threads invoke strong opinions, flaring tempers, and often result in flame wars and mass penalties. These threads will ultimately end up being deleted. ..

    AS far as the Picco .26 it is compatible with a few Traxxas models not all, and does require a special motor mount. Discussions on the Picco as to what is needed to get it to work with your Traxxas RC is fine but further support questions than that need to be referred to the Mfr of the Picco.... OFNA.

    For theses reasons the thread has been closed. NN
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