Hi guy's.Wasn't going to do a build thread,but would like a few opinion's.
Putting a new truck together and I'm color blind.
I found out pro two was a class,not a truck.(not to bright on my part).
But I'm thinking of using the rpm trans case,instead of the pro line case,(pl case only).
Going buy the pic,should I go rpm,or pl case.
Keep in mind I painted these arms and shock mount's a long time ago,and am aware the paint wont last long.
It will sport pro line power stroke shocks,Scott Douglas AMISOIL body.(I know I'm lazy body wise).
And a castle 3800 4pole with a mamba max power plant,and a spektrum s6040 Digital surface-high speed servo,with titanium gears.
Any help color wise will help.
I'm on hold waiting for an aluminum steering bell and bulk head,(stock being used for mock up),so I have time to change a few things.
Any color ides's?
Any idea's on anything welcome.