I got my brand new Bandit VXL today. So far we are not starting out on the right foot. Paying $380 (with shipping) for a new vehicle without ANY telemetry hardware is NOT my idea of getting my money's worth. Especially when I found out a LHS has them for $320 with the difference I could have gotten the COMPLETE telemetry hardware if they had them in stock....

Earlier in the day the mail arrived, all the other options for the Bandit except the battery extender for 3S's I order arrived. One of them was a LiPo 3S 6600mAH 30C battery and the Traxxas E-Z Peak Plus charger. I used the charger to charge the LiPo 6600mAH battery and then let it discharge my NiCad 7.2v batteries being as I am not going to be using my Traxxas Nitro's any time soon.

When the Bandit arrived, I unpack everything (two packages) out of the box. I walk the battery to the charging station where I hook up the balance board and battery connector to the Traxxas E-Z Peak Plus, plugged in the specs for the LiPo Battery and let the battery charge. I keep checking it and the mAH reading was beyond the 3300mAH of the stock 2S battery. I walk away for 10 minutes. I go check on the battery again. The battery swelled up like a balloon! Kind of hot to the touch.

I call Traxxas Support, they want me to send my battery back and wanted me to send the charger back. I told them twice the unit was just used to charge a 6600mAH 3S LiPo battery just fine this morning and discharged 2 NiCad batteries.

So I am sending the battery back and hope she gets replaced. But in the meantime I am going to the LHS to get another LiPo battery to replace the fried one. As attempting to discharge the battery for shipping indicates an error of low cap or something like that. 46 more bucks for this battery.

Let's hope things get better from here...

Thanks for reading,