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    These little boogers are TOUGH!!!

    Ok...we had a bash day at a local charity crawfish festival/car show.
    There were about 20 guys there with RC cars.
    One buddy built a ramp that everyone was jumping.
    It was about 2' tall.
    most of the cars jumping were SC trucks and monster trucks.

    I took my VXL KB car off the ramp about 10' in the air probably 50 times today.
    Other than a little wear and tear on the body from landing on roof a few time...there was no damage.
    It took the abuse like a champ.

    Mind you...we were jumping on the concrete.

    My buddy couldn't stand it anymore and had to take his HPi KB car off the ramp.
    He took it quite slower than I was as his car was brand new(he just bought it Friday night).
    First time off the ramp...which got him about 5 feet off the ground...
    He broke the left rear lower arm completely off.
    The arm was fine...but the rear bulkhead..not so

    My little KB made me proud.
    "Dude,I almost had you"
    R.I.P Paul Walker

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    That is good to hear how tough it is.
    With great brushless comes great responsibility.

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    Nice! Glad to hear you gave a good show and came home it one piece

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