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Thread: smoky dewalt

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    smoky dewalt

    got a new 14.4v dewalt on 17T and with mickey claws and all other normal gearing. If i said i loved the dewalt conversion would be an under statement. So it has about 20 hours of continuous run time if you added it all together and then last weekend i was chilling with the family i gave to the kids for an hour in low range and taped the controller so they did not accidentally get in to high. this is group of kids between 5 and 10 and there driving it forward and backwards, forward and backwards, forward and backwards... and the occasional steering. than my next drive a few hours later it last about 10 minutes and it stops and start to smoke out the dewalt near the wires.

    to give all the facts i had just been driving it around and through a cold river and it had not shown any signs of stopping.

    Also my summit now floats which is cool i sealed the axial racing rims.

    I have not had a chance to strip the dewalt down yet. I was hoping for some suggestions.

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    stopping and starting constantly generates excessive heat in the motor. remove the motor and check the brushes then turn the pinion to feel if the magnets still strong. If it turns quite easily the magnets are damaged. Other than that the dewalt can handle more heat than the average motor and might just need a clean out with possible change of brushes.
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