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    C rating question

    When you have 2 lipos with same voltage and MAH. But one has a higher c rating does top speed go up?

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    I wouldn't think so..c rating is more about power under load? Someone correct me I might be wrong
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    Top speed, no... well, sort of.
    Technically the voltage is the same (which creates the speed) but voltage dip is probably going to be less with the higher rated pack, meaning you could have a higher top speed.

    However, you will accelerate faster with the higher rated battery... giving the feeling of higher speeds being reached.

    1) The above only is true if the battery with the lower C rating is not 100% capable of the amperage demand.
    2) The above is only true for honestly rated packs... there is not an industry standard for C rating. There are a few out there that rate their packs in a way that makes sense... Traxxas and SPC are two of them. There are more than a few out there that stretch the truth and a few of those down-right lie.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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