OK guys, I'm ready to upgrade the shocks on my RPM'ed-out brushless E-Maxx, and I could really use some advice. Of course, the Traxxas Big Bores are always an option, but I keep reading about 1/8 buggy shocks and how much folks like them. Can anyone recommend a specific set up that will work with RPM arms and shock towers? I'm willing to go for the Traxxas CVDs if the stock plastic shafts are too big. I mostly just bash around the yard and on a small ramp (which always bottoms out my E-Maxx despite much stiffer springs on the stock shocks).

I've been looking at the Associated RC8 front shocks based on other posts, but a couple of things still aren't clear to me:
  1. Do you get the regular RC8 shocks or the big bore RC8 shocks?
  2. What springs should I get based on the answer above?
  3. Can I really get away with using just four shocks rather than eight?

The whole RC8 thing is confusing because there are a lot of different models of RC8's.

Thanks for the help!