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Thread: 3s Lipo

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    3s Lipo

    Quick newbie question. I ran 69mph with my rustler vxl 31/76 gearing 3s 25c lipo.
    Now if i get a 3s lipo with say a 45c rating, should i expect an increase in top speed? I cant understand why the Rustler VXL with anaconda tires, 3s lipo 25c battery wont break 70mph. I got plenty of runway and every run i max out at exactly 69 as if i reached top speed. Im guessing its got to be the battery.

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    Bigger battery def should make a difference. I may be wrong but I think it should

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    Voltage = Speed... same voltage, same speed.
    C rating = acceleration... however:

    Also, check into max RPM limits of the ESC... that could be the factor.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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