Just picked up a used 1:10 rally. Going to be putting together a durable rally car in the coming weeks. Going to try to stay somewhat within the budget of 550 total but we'll see. Not looking for a beauty queen.. But definatly in search of the holy RC grail...
(The R/C that doesn't break every time you take it out)

I have TONS of slash 4x4 parts in my inventory and a few after market bits that will be going on.
When I do a build like this I try to buy as much used as possible but in this case some of the parts I'm needing just dont show up on the interwebs in used condition very often so this should be a challenge.

So to start. the rally set me back 280 shipped. Thats with the full compliment of telemetry sensors and some standard issue sway bars.

Next up... I'll keep you updated. Should have the rig sometime early next week.