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    First broken piece on my car.

    I was wondering if somebody could recommend what I do to fix it. I saw some forum posts with people who had metal mounts.

    Where can I get these pieces? And I had another question as well. If I replace some of the plastic pieces on my car with metal pieces, would that hurt the car? I was told if you replace a piece with a stronger material piece, it would make a different piece weaker.

    Where can I get these pieces?
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    The point about upgrading some plastic parts to metal, is that since you don't break those easily in a crash anymore, something else is going to break.
    In the case of the shock mount, just get a new plastic one. If it was metal, you might have ruined your chassis in the crash.
    I broke quite some stuff on my 1/16 cars, but I dont recall breaking a stock shock mount.
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