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Thread: Simply Amazed.

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    Simply Amazed.

    I purchased my XO-1 2 months ago and have probably driven it 5 or 6 times since I bought it. I have hit a GPS confirmed speed of 92 MPH so far. To be honest that is more than enough for me. I have a space to run it about a half mile long and freshly paved. It is just so fast it is mind blowing. The reactions on my friends or bystanders faces as it passes by is unreal. To see a car so small hit such high speeds takes your breath away.

    I do recall on the 2nd time I took it out a lady was walking her dog and asked innocently, "how fast does that thing go" I replied, "100 mph". The look on her face was priceless, and she did not believe me. She asked me to give it a run and she was stunned. I am still stunned every time it races by. I just love this thing and I will keep it bone stock it's entire life.

    This thing is perfect in every single aspect. I have flipped it a couple times already and all I broke was an A arm. Durability, Speed, Traction and Acceleration all wrapped up in 1 vehicle. This thing just cant be beat, and really sets Traxxas above the rest!

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    That's what I am talking about! I hear people complain over and over again about how bored they are with their XO-1 so they sold it. When you actually stop and think about what that little car is capable out of the box it is down right epic. A stock XO-1 is priceless. Keep it that way and keep on having fun!
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    I myself am excited to be unboxing one of these tomorrow. YES!!!! Just I won't be able to run it until Sunday possibly. I want to fix the slop right out of the box first, which isnt to big of a task.

    Of course i'll have to slap a couple of packs on the PL6 charger.
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    even if you get tired of running it back and forth theirs always a place for it, for instance "shelf queen", the car looks good just as it is passing by 100mph+.

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