Tekin RX8/T8 2000kv on Kershaw Designs 4s 7000mah Lipo's pushing 40+ mph (On GPS) with stock spur and 20t pinion.
Typically run an 11t hot racing hardened steel pinion for pure crawling, also have the stock 14t and a 17t.
Dual Savox SA1230SG's 500 oz/inch EACH using the CC BEC
21 Nichia LED's 28 Lumen each total of 588+ Lumen powered by a 11.1v 3s 1200mah Lipo.
Black Rit-dye Chassis and LT Rockers, Green Blaze Pastidip Exo-cage.
Cut Trencher X's on Axial 8 Hole wheels, Also have cut w/ no foam Mudslingers on black Desperado's and stocker's of course.
Custom painted flat black summit body w/ silver on the underside to show through after scratching.
Avid bearing's in differentials and hubs, stainless steel drive shafts and custom drilled hardened steel spider gears cut from the output pinions you receive with the spider gear replacements. There's a few small things I left out but I think that's about it LOL......

This is what the LED's look like in action..I have added 3 LED's to the front bumper since so another 90 lumen. LOL (This is the old body.)