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    Lst2 XXL Diff mod questions

    Started the LST2 XXL diff mod today and have some questions

    1) Can someone tell me why I need to cut the thread off stock stub axles and use them as my output shafts instead of using the Losi output drive cups?? My traxxas CVD's fit into the drive cups. Is it because the Losi drive cups aren't long enough and the driveshafts will pop out??

    2) Looking at chassis and bulkheads - where do I need to grind the chassis? there arent any pics on any thread that have arrows pointing at where to grind and how much?
    And where are the danger areas where it's possible to grind away too much material and end up with a hole in the bulkhead?

    Finally got all the parts I need - really don't want to mess it up and have to wait weeks for parts.


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    1) That is if you are going with Summit CVDS...I never explored any other option, this method has worked well for me.

    2) PM'd you...for me trimming the chassis and bulkheads was trial and error. Just keep checking the diff in the bulkhead and hard up on the chassis. Take your #335 where I ground the diff case for the front baulk for a better fit.

    Others may chime in as what they diid different to method used works well for me. Good luck with it mate.
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