Hello all,

This is my first post and I've never owned a RC Nitro truck before so bare with me lol. I know this has been discussed before so my apologies if its a repeat thread.

2 of my friends recently purchased the nitro stampede 2X4 RTR and have talked me into buying a nitro truck. But now I'm stuck wondering should I get the stampede like they have or get the T-maxx 2.5 4X4 RTR. At the hobby shop that I've been looking at the t-maxx is only $80 CAD more than the stampede but where it will be my first nitro truck I'm not sure which I should go with. I know people have said there's less maintenance with the stampede.

My friends have also told me that I should get the stampede as well so we can purchase and exchange spare parts if needed. (the hobby shop is out of town so all our parts and supplies have to be ordered online) Also, I know the rc trucks have seperate channels but if we are driving 3 stampedes around at the same time will there be any interference? I have no idea what channels theirs is on and I don't have much to choose from at the hobby store.

What do you guys think?