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    Summit and CC BEC question

    I have a question for those out there are familiar with the CC BEC.

    I installed a savox servo in my stock summit along with a CC BEC set at 6.0v. When I am running lipos I have no issues. Truck works great. No brown outs in either first or second gear.

    But when I run my 3000 mah 7 cell nimh batteries that came with my Summit, the truck will go dead for a quick second when I do a full acceleration pull in second gear with the steering locked full left or right at the same time when using only those Nimh batteries. Doesnt' do it with the lipos. any idea why this is?

    All the BEC connections are good. LED light is on in the CC BEC which is supposed to indicate all is operating good. Just wondering if this is normal with the nimh's cause the quick brown out has not happened once when using the lipos with the BEC. Can the nimhs not provide enough power when the draw is at its highest?

    Thoughts? Thanks
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