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    Center driveshaft color

    Can the center drive shaft be painted or powder coated or something to change the color, i thought it would look cool and make my xo-1 truly unique if it could be changed to bright red

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    I removed the anodized coating from mine to reduce the rotating mass slightly, polished it and balanced it. The only issue I know of with changing colors (without first removing the factory coating) would be...... exceeding the inside diameter of the support bearings making it difficult if not impossible to reinstall the shaft.

    You could remove the support along with the shaft and paint all but the areas of the shaft that ride in the support bearings, keep in mind if the paint is not applied uniformly (thicker or heavier on one side than the other) the shaft could possibly wind up further out of balance than it is from the factory increasing driveline vibration and reducing bearing life.

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