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    Slash running stampede tires

    I dont have any pictures yet, but willing to take them. I just want to knopw if any of you guys have any suggestions on what body to run with the bigger body. I have currently trimmed out the original body but with it almost trimmed out to the max, it still rubs. I want to buy a new body that looks good and will work.

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    I ran the JConcepts Illuzion Ford Raptor SVT body. If I remember right I had little to no trimming. I'd post some video footage but it was one of the cheesiest I ever did lol.
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    I have the jconcepts raptor short course body, and it rubs on trenchers. Bodies like the ProLine Baja Bug don't run nearly as much. Also, the truescale bodies from ProLine would rub less. You could try an EMaxx body too.

    Short course bodies are just very wide, and designed to cover the tires. It can be hard to keep a good look and still run large tires like trenchers.

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    Jconcepts Raptor Short Course #0205 with 2.8 Trenchers.
    I trimmed out the fenders a little extra, and raised the body a little. Not much rubbing, and probably one of the best short course bodies to fit such large tires. As the suspension compresses the tires move inward just enough to clear the edges of the fenders.

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