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    Revo Shock Differences

    I'm wondering what are the differences in the shock kits that are offered for the Revo?
    Specifically the differences between the stock shocks, the 5460R Shocks, and the 5460X Shocks.
    Thinking about upgrading my shocks but I'm wondering if it's worth it to do so or just stick with my stock shocks and rebuild them.
    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    The 5460r, and 5460x, are the same except for their colors. The difference betwen them and the stock ones are, that the bodies are anodized, and the shafts are Tin coated. The anodizing helps to slow the breakdown of the shock oil, and the coating on the shafts lessens the wear on the shaft.

    It is actually a good upgrade. I would also suggest the variable rate pistons to go aolng with it.
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