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Thread: LIPO questions

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    LIPO questions

    So I am a new to the LIPO's forgive me if the questions seem stoopid or have been asked before. I have looked around on here for the info but really could not find what I was looking for.
    I have the stock lipos and charger that come with a Summit

    Do you have to discharge the batteries everytime?

    How do I discharge the batteries?

    Do I discharge thru the chargers?
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    LiPo has absolutely NO memory... so you don't need to fully discharge before charging, but they do need to be put to storage voltage if not being used for 24+ hours. My personal storage voltage is anywhere between 3.6-3.9 volts per cell if the pack is going to be used within a week... 3.85 volts per cell if the period of non-use is longer than that.

    Batteries can be discharged in a few ways... the most fun being in the RC. lol Another would be with a charger that has that capability... which is why I consider it a "must have" feature for a charger. Yet another would be to make a harness that hooks up to some automotive bulbs and also a low voltage alarm set to the proper voltage.

    How you discharge with a charger is to have a charger with that feature... once you select "storage mode" the charger will automatically either charge up to 3.8v/cell or discharge down to 3.8v/cell.

    The charger that comes with Traxxas RTR's do not have any discharging capabilities.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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    No matter wich way you go the balance board is your friend and balance EVERY time. I have 2 Traxxas ez-peak plus charges for my lipos and they are perfect for a lipo owner. Easy to program and use and have balance, charge , and discharge functions.
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