Hey guys! So I need some help.

My step dad bought himself, my little brother, and my nephew all 1/16th
cars for christmas after I bought mine.

I bought a brushless revo he got my brother a brushed revo and he got
a brushless slash and my nephew got a brushed slash.

He likes the revo platform better and would like to convert his truck.
His birthday is this weekend so I would like to do it for him.

I was hoping someone could post all the parts I will need.

Hope this isn't too much to ask!

I know I will need
1. Front A-Arms
2. Rear A-Arms
3. Front Shafts (Left and Right)
4. Rear Shafts (Left and Right)
5. Front Rockers
6. Rear Rockers
7. Springs
8. Body
9. Wheels & Tires

Am I missing anything?

Has anyone done this? Any idea what it will cost me?

Thanks !!!