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    T-Maxx 2.5 to E-maxx Brushless

    Hello, I have recently acquired this beauty off ebay very cheaply.

    My plan is to make it a brushless build that should yield me a truck very similar to an E-Maxx for around half the price.

    My main concern at the moment is the E-Maxx brushless transmission. I have seen in several builds it does not exactly fit perfectly due to the differences in body. I was wondering what I could do to make it fit, I was thinking of buying an E-maxx chassis brace such as this one.

    Would this brace allow me to flush mount the e-maxx tranny or are the chassis just too different?

    Also I remind you, I am buying a brushless tranny so I can save myself headaches, and this chassis just seems perfect to build an E-maxx on. I got the chassis for $32 dollars on ebay! and the total cost of the build is around $400 motor+ESC+Battery+Wheels
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