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    Just got the xo-1 but don't understand

    I don't under stand the instructions about calibrating esc and setup it says to turn on esc but the motor would keep on spinning so how ? Doesn't show led signal keys I want to make it 70 throttle and I think it's 30
    Reverse from controller but how do I change that from esc and how do I tell if my
    Esc is in Lipo mode or Nimh dosent show led colour key on booklet thanks

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    Read Pg.4 of your Driver's ED Guide (in the package with your car). This will give you step by step instructions on how to callibrate your ESC/Tx. Stock the car comes with 50/50 throttle/reverse. You have an optional settup of 70/30 which gives you more control over the throttle and less reverse. I can see this more beneficial to the XO. I usually reprogram mine when I take them to the track. But on my basher rigs I leave them 50/50.

    It is automatically set to Lipo. I'm sure you are asking because you want to make sure its setup for Lipo, corret? You can change Cuttoff Voltage Pg.29-32 and a few other battery settings. If you don't have one yet, i'd suggest picking up a Field Programming Card. This allows you to make changes in the field and via a PC. I very highly recommend this. If you can afford this car you can afford a $25 FPC. LOL This will make your life way easier changing settings. I'd also pick up a Castle "Y" quick connect to. This is so you don't have to bust into the Rx box to conect this up.

    Hope this helps.
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