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    No Throttle Variation

    My E-Maxx goes full throttle when I barely pull the trigger. This also happens in Reverse. Is this Normal?
    I can just touch the trigger and It shoots off.

    Thank You!
    Alexx Martin

    EVX2+ 2x Traxxas LiPo 5kMAH, and Two Titan 550 Motors.

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    U sure it's not your finger? Hehe

    Did u try resetting the esc?

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    Try to re-program the throttle, reverse.

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    Is it the 2.4 link radio. reset the Tx back to default settings, with the trim knobs on 0, will be on the menu tree how too reset.
    Reprogram the esc neutral point.
    You may need to reverse the steering on the menu tree.
    Is this your first RC. They can seem fast at first best to practice in an open space getting used to controls.
    If not i think it's the throttle expo set at wrong point.
    Google search trumps Wiki. Refer to user guide.

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    Dead batteries in the Tx can make the truck do weird things sometimes.

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