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Thread: Lipo Zeee

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    Lipo Zeee

    I was given a Lipo Zeee 5200mah 50c with a Dean connector. Can I use the Male to female adapter cable to charge on a Ez-Peak plus? Also can I use the connection to plug this battery into my Slash 2wdr and run my car without a problem?

    New to the RC family, Just trying to find out so my kids dont blow up their cars or my house.
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    The adapter on the charger is not that big of an issue. The bigger issue is adapters on the car/truck is a restriction and others have reported power problems.
    A battery manufacturer came out with a universal plug that came with adapters - one being an unauthorized copy of a Traxxas plug - which has caused many issues for users of Traxxas plugs/electronics.
    Best to change out the plugs to the ones you desire.
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