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    TRX 2.5 wont pull over

    Ok i just bought a new TRX 2.5 motor for my Nitro rustler, and when i tryed to pull it over it wouldn't even budge, the string didn't even move i thought if i even tried pulling really hard the string would snap so i took the recoil off and it turn like it should, put it back on the motor nothing still locked up. When i had the recoil off i tryed turning the piston but couldn't even do that. What do i do or Has anybody else had this problem with the 2.5 trx nitro motor.
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    On a new motor the piston and sleeve will be tight so that's normal. With a pull start it's magnified how tight the parts are because you are manually starting it. With EZ start or motorized starter you can't tell how tight the parts are.

    Take the glow plug out and spray a shot of WD 40 in the cylinder. Then take a heat gun and heat the block up and it should pull over easier. After running it, make sure the piston is at the bottom of the stroke so it won't get stuck at TDC when the motor cools off.

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    +10000 on preheating the block with a hair dryer or heat gun. I use a hair dryer it's more forgiving... Get the engine temps over 110 and it should be easier to turn over...

    NOw you might have the piston locked up at top dead center... It''s actually normal for a new engine, use a flat blade screwdriver through the bottom of the chassis and try to use it as a lever against the flywheel to get it to turn. Careful do not push to hard against the crankshaft though... IF you preheat the engine it will be easier to free the piston if stuck.
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