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    New 2.5 trx wont start

    I need help and lots of advice on this. I got a new 2.5 trx nitro motor for a Rustler that I had for 4 years and just getting it to pull over it self was a edit. Now that I can get it to pull over my electric start wont work so I have to use the recoil. It gets fuel but it wont start. I got the glow plug thing you need to use when using a recoil and a new glow plug. By the way I had to use alot of wd-40 to get the new motor to pull over and some oil. any/lots of help would be nice
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    maybe u flooded it. remove plug, rotate flywheel flip upsidd down and drain fuel. reinstall plug and lean out a little the high speed needle till it starts.

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    heat the engine up with a hair dryer before trying to start it. The pinch is tight on a new engine.

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