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    Valedictorian Speech...

    Hey everyone
    I'm in the middle of writing our schools valedictorian speech
    I do not know what to talk about
    I am in grade 8 right now just to put that out there
    I just need basic ideas on what to talk about
    My speech needs about 1.5 minutes more in presentation time

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    Did you thank the parents and teachers yet? How about how you're the biggest in your class now, but next year you start at the bottom as freshmen...
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    Speak of what helps push you to do your best at school, how to overcome the frustrations and obstacles. Who you look to for inspiration. And thank all of those who took the time to inspire and motivate you to be the best you can....

    Congrats, good luck. Never Give up. That education you are obtaining is the foundation of your future.
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    talk about how this step that you just finished is the first step to greater things and HS is your next challenge over come it like you overcame this one...never stop trying to better yourself always challenge yourself be the generation that doesn't settle for getting by be the generation that excels and never stops striving to do more....etc..
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