Hey guys, as some of you know, after a little while, the cooling fan on the EZ Peak Plus can "buzzing" or "grinding" sound at low speeds. Mine has been making funny sounds for at least 3 months now, but today, even at full fan speed, it wouldn't stop making grinding sounds. I didn't want to send it to Traxxas, I need it for a camping trip this weekend. (can't wait to take my Summit!) So, I took out the 4 screws holding it together, and I put a small drop of motor oil on the fan. Now, at any speed, the fan it really quite. Even at the very beginning, it's super quite! This could be just me, but it sounds like it's spinning even faster than it was when it was new! I just thought I'd post this for any one else that has the noise. I have no idea if this voids some warranty, but I figured it was worth a try.