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Thread: It's Alive!

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    It's Alive!

    I finally had time to finish putting in my brandy-spanking new Mamba 2. I re-did my battery strapping mod too. I wanted it to look like a little better of a job than what I did on my first try. I made my ESC mounting plate out of the packing foam from my Traxxas drive shaft package. It was easy to cut, the exact thickness I needed, and I thought it would absorb some shock. Anyway, I'm happy it all turned out as I wanted, and wanted to thank everyone for there help. Oh yeah, one more thing, I went a head and set up my ESC to 70/30. I figured I'd give it a try.

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    Glad to see its back from the dead. Looks cool dude. I think you will like the 70/30. Better throttle control.

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    Looking good...I also use the 70/30 setting on all my rigs...much better throttle control.
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