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    So i have been in the rc hobby for about 3 years now. bought my first stampede xl5 wiche lead to slash 4x4 wiche lead to a new slash 4x4 wiche lead to spartan.... i have many traxxas trucks on the shelf but they all are electric. i have had many hours or electric driving but i would love a nitro... i love the handling the slash has over all the other ones i have drove, rustler, pede etc... what would be the best nitro model to have? is it more fun over electric? give me some thoughts

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    More fun? That is a matter of preference. For me, electric is more fun.... mainly due to less maintenance before, during, and after a run.

    Any one of Traxxas' nitro models would be fine for a beginner...
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    If you have little patience or are not very mechanically inclined nitro & the tuning of said nitro can be very frustrating.

    That being said if you stick it out & get tuning down they are lots of fun.

    The biggest difference you will find between BL/Lipo & Nitro is you will not have the monster torque of the BL/Lipo & that will force you to change your driving style.

    I prefer Nitro over BL, it's just personal preference, I have run BL/Lipo & it's amazing the on tap power available, but being a gearhead & former mechanic/car/boat/bike builder I just like Nitro better, that and I have a LOT of money wrapped up in my Nitro rigs!

    What type of terrain do you normally run on? There are several great nitro cars/trucks.

    The Revo & Tmaxx are good trucks, with lots of aftermarket support.
    For Short Coarse type trucks there's the Slash & Slayer Pro 4X4.
    There's the Rustler, Sport, Stampede.
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    Im currently building up a nitro for a buddy. Im a hard core electric fan.

    Things that I dont like:
    Its messy. Im OCD and me and the TMaxx are not getting along.
    Tuning. I dont even know if itll run.
    Fuel is expensive.

    Things I like:
    I love anything that burns fuel.
    Whats cooler then a remote controlled thing that burns fuel?
    Its very different then electric, it has a powerband!

    If you can deal with the tuning, fuel prices and the dirt sticking to it id say go for it. If you like the ease of plug it in a go and no fumes, no tuning and no dirt sticking to grease and spilled fuel, stay electric.

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    I was out running with a few buddies last night. 2 of us had electrics, the other a nitro. His nitro ran fine. Sounded awesome, smelled great... but every time he shut it off he had to fiddle with it to get it running. When it flipped upside down it would go lead and either stick wide open or quit... it was just finicky. Where the other guy and i just ran, crashed, flipped em over, kept running... no issues.

    Nitro IS cool... if you have the patience and dont mind fiddling around. if you jsut want to plug and run, electric is the only way to go.

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    I wouldn't really call electric "plug and run". I've burned up several electric motors running the wrong gears with the wrong tires on the wrong terrain before I leaned not to. Not to mention how dangerous LiPo's are. I can run nitros with any gear and any tire on any terrain without worrying about burning up my engine. The only real issues people have with nitro is starting and tuning. I feel that there is a lot less to learn with nitros.

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    This is not a nitro vs. electric debate. Let's stop trying to make it one.

    The questions posed are, "Which Traxxas nitro?" and, "Is it more fun?" More than anything, the answer to these questions depend on your intended use. I'd assume that since you like the Slash so well, a n-Slash would be the ticket, but without knowing more of your requirements, it is hard to make a recommendation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blasterdude View Post
    what would be the best nitro model to have? is it more fun over electric? give me some thoughts
    I have both nitro and electric. I always grab my nitro first. So its more fun for me. I've had every nitro model traxxas made at one time or another. IMO the Revo is the best I've ever owned. If you had the funds, I would get a Revo.
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    I currently do not have any electric cars or trucks, but I have ran them. They are fun but I still like my nitro, the sound, the smell. I enjoy tuning and maintenance, although there are times that I wish I had electrics, a little less maintenance LOL.

    That being said I would recommend a Tmaxx. Very durable, I can be very hard on it during a hardcore bashing session, especially if I find a really cool spot to run. Stock parts are very durable and cheap too, as I would imagine with other Traxxas model parts, a lot after market parts, etc. It all depends on your budget, and your expectations though...
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