i have a nitro vee .12 that is almost 20 years and it has never been touched once untill i started messing with it 2weeks ago However I'm having a major issue with it. I finally get the motor started but as soon as i put it in the water the motor bogs out immedialy and water starts to leak in from somewher, I assume they are connected but I dont know how and how the drive shaft sytem works as far as why is there an exhaust pressue line valve going into the drive shaft housing? I blew pressured air into the line and it shot air up into the cab of the boat, so i dont see why it would be nessary to pump exhaust into the cab. Also i coverd the outer drive shaft , etc with a ton of marine gease and it still leaks. I do have some experience with nitro trucks/cars but no exp with boats. any help would be great. feel free to pm or respond here.
I hope somebody will see this.