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    hitec 5645MG servo question

    I rolled my slayer and it broke some teeth off the gears in the factory steering servo. I want a servo with metal gears. I was looking at the Hitec 5645MG. Will this servo work with the factory radio I got with my slayer. I think I read somewhere that the servo works backwards from the traxxas servo......can I make this work with my factory 2 channel radio??

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    Yes the radio has servo reversing function. On page 11 of the manual is instruction on how to do it. Also the factory servo horns don't work on the Hitec servo so you will need this too.
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    If you want a direct replacement servo with metal gears, the Futaba S3305 is very similar to a Traxxas 2075 in power, speed and price and needs nothing else to work right with Traxxas. Just plug and drive. Futaba and Hitec make some of the best servos.

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    I am chang up only ger set to plastic. $2-3 on ebay shop.

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