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    Youtube videos are a lifesaver!

    I just thought I'd extend my gratitude towards those of you who post videos on how to clean/repair/diagnose issues with RCs. I'm not "dumb," but I'm still relatively new to the RC hobby and, though I do get a lot of advice via reading through the forum here, demonstrating how to do certain things (setting mesh, properly lubing up transmissions) make tackling problems much, MUCH easier! As soon as my Slash 4x4 bearing set comes in, I'm TOTALLY ready to get it done thanks to the many uploaders who record step-by-step instructions!

    Sooo yeah, feel free to share your experiences that may be similar to mine, or suggest channels I should check out (or to advertise your own, if you wish).

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    Squirrelod does fantastic how to vids. He's my favorite youtube channel
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    +1 I youtube everything first before i buy or fix. I'm the kind of guy that needs to see it in action. Not what everyone said about it. I'm 43 years old ok, now my last lesson was watching a couple kids (probably 11-13 years in age) rewiring a summit controller. Thanks, and works great.
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