Very happy I picked this car as my first adventure into Electric and my return to any RC car action at all after several years.

Few things ive noticed , mostly said before by others but...

1. Tons of fun out of the box... added 2 lipos and a Duratrax 245 charger and we ran as much as I and the kids could stand.Minus a few cool downs it was pretty much non-stop.

2. WOW the rear springs are AWFUL. Thing hops more than a rabbit.

3. Running LiPo there is some slop in the battery compartment, simple fix but still there it is.

4. WOW Electric surprised me with the immediate throttle response . Thing is really quick with 2s 25c 5000 LiPo's .

5. I ran mine in my yard and on a gravel rode near my house first few runs, it tends to pick up small rocks fast , and they can get into the drive area of the chassis very fast. It really likes to hold onto dirt and small debri . Going from nitro with metal chassis this was new to me.

Overall I love the car. I picked up some new springs just cause my local shop had them today. New caps and shafts soon, plus Im thinking the Stiffener to stop flex would be a good addition after reading a few post on this forum.