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    DX4S expo and travel setting help.

    Hey all,

    i'm looking to change the settings here and want to run the following...this is what i'm thinking will get me there. please let me know if i'm off base though!

    Throttle travel:

    -want to change this so that it's more bias towards forward (70/30) they are both set to 100% from factory so i assume this is 50/50 right? so if i change it to be 150% front and 50% back will this in essence give me the effect i'm after here?

    Steering Travel:

    would you suggest leaving these are 100% left and right or increasing them to get more steering side to side? just looking for suggestions...

    EXPO or Sensitivity for Throttle and Steering:

    also i want to set the EXPO or sensitivity setting on the controller for the throttle and steering. i have no idea where to start here. i know that the more i increase it the less sensitive it will be when close to neutral. so if i increase the throttle EXPO it wouldn't "kick" in as hard here. what setting are you guys running?? trying to make it more controllable and not so twitchy on take off.

    also with the EXPO looking to increase it for steering as well so that it isn't sensitive close to neutral for speed runs and what not, what are you running here?

    thanks in advance guys...i searched but didn't really find anything related to the emaxx!

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    Not sure what effect you are exactly chasing, but after a long time fine tuning mine, this is what I found to work for me and make the Beast a little more manageable on pull away etc.

    I have changed my Throttle Setting from 50/50 to 70/30. What this does is give you the same maximum Forward and Reverse Power as before, just over a different range, i.e. Your forward Throttle Power Range of 0 to 100% occurs over 70% of the Trigger Range as opposed to 50% of the Trigger Range. (Same deal for Reverse%).

    I have not needed to mess around with Steering Travel, but I use the Expo Dial (which comes factory set for Steering Expo) on my Remote depending on the surface I am running or what I am doing with my truck to either make it more or less sensitive to steering inputs. Again, this does not change the amount of steering, just the output on the vehicle relative to the input you put into the remote over the initial range of the Remotes' Steering Wheel.

    The biggest thing that I have found to control my rig, particularly on pull away, is to play with the Throttle Curves by making them exponential as opposed to linear.

    Hope this helps.
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    it is not related to the emaxx, because you can use it on any truck. Have you looked at the manual_? I have a futaba which has the same functions, and the only thing I change is the steering travel depending if the tires rubs or not with the body.

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    Yep been all thru out the manual and love the thing!

    I guess I was more confused on throttle travel because it states them in % and they were both set at 100%. I put it at 150% forward and 50% reverse thinking that would make it 70/30ish. Or should I actually make them 70% forward and 30% reverse? Follow me? I understand the functions of each setting just needed help on the values...

    Also with the sensitivity setting (EXPO) I wasn't sure how much effect the adjustments made. 0% is would 25% be a good starting point?

    Thanks again guys!

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    This is support for a non-Traxxas product and as such is not permitted.
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