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    New Slash 4x4 - Recommendations for best LIPO battery and charger

    Hi all,

    Just picked up a new Slash 4 x 4 for my son's birthday. As we're both new to the hobby-grade RC field, we could use some help. I'd like to pick up a LIPO battery and charger. Any recommendations?


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    Future reference this is a slash 2wd thread but when you have questions about your new truck there is a 4wd section as well, charger opinions have been discussed on this forum plenty of times and let me tell you you're going to get a lot of recommendations haha, I will tell you don't go cheap on a charger, pay a lot the first time rather then paying cheap multiple times, a charger is going to play a big part in the hobby and depending on how many r/cs and batteries you'll have will help better determine what type of charger to get

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